BODYFIGHTTM resistance is one body part fighting against another body part during an exercise. In the example of a bicep curl, the left arm resists and fights against the right arm. The friction between the Resistance Strap and the T2 Housing multiplies this reciprocal BODYFIGHTTM resistance. BODYFIGHTTM can be used within the same muscle group or between other muscle groups; chest against back, arms against legs, etc.

The T2 uses BODYFIGHTTM in conjunction with timed movement and our patented housing to make Isokinetic exercise possible without bulky and expensive machinery. The effort put into the exercise movement is maximal throughout the entire range of motion - training the muscle from start to finish as effectively and efficiently as it can be trained. The result is greater muscular activation, faster muscle fatigue, and dramatically shorter workout times.


Isokinetics, combined with the T2's On the Fly Intensity & Exercises Changes, makes it a groundbreaking and unprecedented exercise device.