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We want to ensure you get the most out of the T2 Iso-Trainer Exercise System. As a brand new and unique training device, there’s a learning curve and it may take a little time to realize the incredible potential and versatility available to you with the T2.

To begin, the housing has no moving parts. Unlike a pulley that has a free-moving wheel, the patented fixed contoured design of the housing interior acts as a static friction surface against the Resistance Strap.


You modify the amount of friction by pulling the strap more or less tightly through and against the housing using your own “self-resistance”, what we call BODYFIGHT. This unique design allows you to actively modify the resistance experienced at any point during the exercise.

BODYFIGHT along with the controlled constant speed of your repetitions and the friction between the Resistance Strap and the T2 housing, create scientifically defined Isokinetic Resistance

T2 Quick Setup Guide 5.5x8.5 T2QSG202010 COVER.jpg
 T2 Quick Setup Guide pdf or watch the videos below.