One Anchor Strap is already included with the T2 Iso-Trainer Exercise System.


Improve the flow of your workout and order this accessory to create multiple anchor points or extend the length of your door anchor. It allows you to anchor to most anything up to a 14" (35cm) diameter / 43"(109cm) circumference. 


SKU: T2-AS01
    • 1" (25mm) wide woven nylon strap, tensile strength 3,800lbs (1700 kilos).
    • Metal Cam Buckle - 880lb capacity
    • Plated steel ring - 1100lb capacity
  • The T2's weight capacity is 400lbs (180 kilos). Keep in mind that the capacity of your anchor point is a critical safety factor and may be less than the capacity of the T2. Some interior doors are weaker than others. To avoid serious personal injury always check that the anchor point is secure and able to support your body weight and that all straps and hardware are in good condition.

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