Exercise Sampler

On The Fly Intensity and Exercise Changes with no plates, bands or pins to change.  Seamlessly move from one exercise to the next.

Following is just a fraction of the infinite number of exercises possible with the T2 Iso-Trainer. You're only limited by your imagination. 

To see our ever expanding gallery of exercises just download the free T2 Iso-Trainer App available on the App Store and Google Play.

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Chest Fly - Elastic
Chest Fly - Iso-Elastic
Chest Fly - Isokinetic
Suspended to Isokinetic Chest Fly
Chest Press - Isokinetic
Suspended to Isokinetic Chest Press
Chest Fly Low - Iso-Elastic
Chest Fly Mid - Iso-Elastic
Chest Fly High- Iso-Elastic
Chest + Back Fly Mid - Iso-Elastic
Iso-Elastic Chest + Back Fly Squat
Chest Press + Lunge - Elastic
Chest Press + Squat - Elastic
Bicep Curl - Self Anchored
Front Shoulder Raise
Mode: Isokinetic
Side Shoulder Raise
Mode: Isokinetic
Rear Shoulder Raise
Mode: Isokinetic
Upright Shoulder Row
Mode: Isokinetic
Squat Bicep Curl
Mode: Isokinetic
Squat Shoulder Raise
Mode: Isokinetic
Lunge Bicep Curl
Mode: Isokinetic
Plank Chest Fly Back Pull
Mode: Iso-Elastic
Gator Crawl Chest Shoulder Press
Mode: Iso-Elastic
Mode: Isokinetic, Iso-Elastic
T2 Iso-Elastic Side + Rear Shoulder Back
Back Pullup
Mode: Isokinetic
Susp to Isokintec Tricep Extensio
Suspended Bicep Curl
Mode: Isokinetic, Suspension
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Download the T2 Iso-Trainer App. 

Available on the App Store and Google Play.

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