Exercise Sampler

On The Fly Intensity and Exercise Changes with no plates, bands or pins to change.  Seamlessly move from one exercise to the next.

Following is just a fraction of the infinite number of exercises possible with the T2 Iso-Trainer. You're only limited by your imagination. 

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Chest Fly - Elastic
Chest Fly - Iso-Elastic
Chest Fly - Isokinetic
Suspended to Isokinetic Chest Fly
Chest Press - Isokinetic
Suspended to Isokinetic Chest Press
Chest Fly Low - Iso-Elastic
Chest Fly Mid - Iso-Elastic
Chest Fly High- Iso-Elastic
Chest + Back Fly Mid - Iso-Elastic
Iso-Elastic Chest + Back Fly Squat
Chest Press + Lunge - Elastic
Chest Press + Squat - Elastic
Bicep Curl - Self Anchored
Front Shoulder Raise
Mode: Isokinetic
Side Shoulder Raise
Mode: Isokinetic
Rear Shoulder Raise
Mode: Isokinetic
Upright Shoulder Row
Mode: Isokinetic
Squat Bicep Curl
Mode: Isokinetic
Squat Shoulder Raise
Mode: Isokinetic
Lunge Bicep Curl
Mode: Isokinetic
Plank Chest Fly Back Pull
Mode: Iso-Elastic
Gator Crawl Chest Shoulder Press
Mode: Iso-Elastic
Mode: Isokinetic, Iso-Elastic
T2 Iso-Elastic Side + Rear Shoulder Back
Back Pullup
Mode: Isokinetic
Susp to Isokintec Tricep Extensio
Suspended Bicep Curl
Mode: Isokinetic, Suspension
Iso-Elastic Bicep Curl
Iso-Elastic Tricep Extension
Scissor Leg Plank
Suspended Stair Climber Plank
Mode: Isokinetic, Iso-Elastic, Suspension
Iso-Elastic Tricep Extension Combo
Mode: Isokinetic, Iso-Elastic
Lunge Ab Crunch
Mode: Elastic
Front Ab Chops
Lat Pull Downs
Elastic Step Back Side Ab Chops
Rear Shovel Throw
Elastic Rear Fly
Elastic Ab Side Chop
Elastic Back Rear Shoulder Pull
Lunge Tricep Extension
Mode: Elastic
MMA Punches
Mode: Isokinetic
Suspended Reverse Leg Curl
Mode: Isokinteic, Suspension
Ab Crunch + Reverse Leg Climber
Leg Scissor Lat Pulldown
Mode: Isokinetic
Ab Crunch Shoulder Stand
Mode: Elastic
Ab Crunch
Mode: Elastic
Ab Crunch Bicep Curl
Mode: Isokinetic, Iso-Elastic
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Download the FREE T2 Iso-Trainer App. 

Available on the App Store and Google Play.

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